Crémant-de-Loire - Bulles - Chenin - Chateau Pierre Bise
Effervescent wine

Crémant de Loire

After several decades of experimenting with blending Chenin with Cabernet, Chardonnay and Grolleau, our Crémant de Loire is now made exclusively from Chenin.
The starter culture used for primary fermentation comes exclusively from Savennières grapes grown on sandy soils known for producing a marked mineral elegance without any bitterness.
These grapes are harvested while still green. These young grapes have an alcohol potential of 12.5 to 13.5 %. Slow pressing enhances finesse and the clarity of the must pre-fermentation. The rest of the base wine is made from grapes picked from non-schistose soils to further avoid any bitterness in the Chenin. The must is then filtered to preserve the Savennières character of the wine.
After a slow fermentation, fermentation is stopped by chilling when residual sugar has reached 25g per litre. The wine is then aged slightly on fine lees before being filtered and bottled for secondary fermentation. Once the 25g of natural sugar have been transformed, the pressure in the bottle reaches 6 bars.

Appellation Crémant de Loire
Varieties 100% Chenin
Terroir Sandy
Pairing suggestions Appetizers or with desserts