Coteaux-du-layon-Rochefort-Chateau Pierre Bise
White wine

Coteaux du Layon

This is the estate’s “entry-level” Coteaux du Layon wine, which is harvested earlier than the other sweet wines. It is a lighter drink that can be enjoyed young.
This wine comes from the mid-slope plot of the Haut de la Garde vineyard, known for having a slower onset of botrytis (noble rot) than elsewhere. To conserve its freshness, we harvest the grapes in full bunches as soon as at least half of the berries in the bunch are showing concentration. Rochefort can age just like any Layon but it is preferable to enjoy it young to appreciate its full freshness. It is the only Layon that we offer in 750 ml bottles.

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Appellation Coteaux du Layon
Varieties 100% Chenin
Terroir Schistose sandstone with the presence of rhyolite in the basement rock.
Pairing suggestions Appetizers