White wine

Coteaux du Layon
Beaulieu sur Layon-Les Rouannières

Les Rouannières is an area of Beaulieu-sur-Layon in the heart of Anjou.
All of the Rouannières site, with its frail rocky outcrops, stands out as an arid and wild part of the wine region with an original microclimate enhanced by a remarkable reserve of plant life; about sixty Mediterranean plants are found here, at their most northerly limit in Europe. The mountain cicada, a family of eagles and a few rare butterflies have also made their home here.
Les Rouannières is known particularly for strong precocity (mineral personality), a strong wind (aromatic liveliness), weathered clay with a swelling structure which in such soils promotes better resistance to drought (structural finesse), and excellent botrytisation thanks to the proximity of the Layon.
The hardness of the spilite and the harshness of the rocky soil are expressed in the density of the wine and in the fact that it opens up slowly. Wines from Les Rouannières are always mineral, aromatically lively, dense on the palate, and slow to open but never austere thanks to the original nature of the clay and the absence of schist removing all bitterness.

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Apellation Coteaux du Layon Beaulieu
Varieties 100% Chenin
Terroirs Spilite (basic volcanism). The depth of the soil varies between 10 to 20 cm and 60 to 80 cm at deepest
Pairing suggestions Desserts (chocolate, almonds, lemon), blue cheese, fois gras, Asian cuisine